Casey Flanegan (sixthirty) wrote in hardcore_hot,
Casey Flanegan

Age|| Seventeen
Location|| Charlotte, North Carolina
Fact About You|| I'm going to the School of Visual Arts and Converge signed my report card for school so that I could miss a day and photograph them.
How Often Do You Go To Shows|| More than enough.
What Bands Have You Seen|| More and better than you, probably. I think my first was Prayer for Cleansing.
Favorite Bands|| Charles x Barkley Revival, Dead to Fall, Converge, Prayer, Blood for Blood...
Favorite Song|| Lame.
Favorite Movies|| Shawshank Redemption, Benny and Joon
Who Is Your Idol|| Diane Arbus
Are you sXe(straight edge)|| Yes. Four years.
Greatest Invention Ever Made|| Uh...electricity?

What do you think of the mods|| They're amazing.
Why should we accept you|| Because...Im in a grind band called HE; he went get water? And we are reallllllll good.
How did you find this community|| Kristin<3
Promote us in 1 community with the URL link|| It was my away message.

Pictures (at least 3)||

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