Ian*Rob*And/Or Blaine (originalvoice) wrote in hardcore_hot,
Ian*Rob*And/Or Blaine


Name|| Ian Hazardous.
Age|| 16
Location|| umm charlotte.
Fact About You|| I'll never go Vegan.
How Often Do You Go To Shows|| pretty much every weekend
What Bands Have You Seen|| CTTS, Dillinger, GWAR, Cursive, Bloodbrothers, Aria/Seneca and lots of other local bands like In fatal memories, duhhh.

Favorite Bands|| DAUGHTERS, Joshua fit for Battle, Dillinger Escape Plan, Walls of Jericho, Ed Gein, Bloodbrothers, Terror, The Agony Scene, Bury your dead, Scarlet, Throwdown, The number 12 looks like you, Saetia, An Albatross, Orchid, ETC.
Favorite Song|| The Ghost with the most ~Daughters
Favorite Movies|| The Brave little toaster, The last unicorn, Donnie Darko.
Who Is Your Idol|| I don't have one.
Are you sXe(straight edge)|| I don't claim it, but I could if i wanted to.
Greatest Invention Ever Made|| omfg. lyke HxC music duahsdfhHHH.

What do you think of the mods|| Two of them go to my school, and E-mac is pretty cool.
Why should we accept you|| because i enjoy hardcore/grindcore/metalcore??!/.
How did you find this community|| Kristin B.
Promote us in 1 community with the URL link|| eh? I'm lazy. is it that detrimental if i do not?

Pictures (at least 3)||

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