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Application bitches

Name|| Tai
Age|| 16
Location|| Fort Worth Texas
Fact About You|| mmm I love the blood brothers
How Often Do You Go To Shows|| as often as i can,every few weeks
What Bands Have You Seen|| tons...
Avenged Sevenfold
The Used
Blood Brothers
The Bled
As I lay dying
Senses Fail
Everytime I die
Marilyn Manson
From First to Last
From Autumn to Ashes
Eighteen Visions
That's all I can think of right now...

Favorite Bands|| Blood Brothers,Smashing Pumpkins,The Bled,Atreyu
Favorite Song|| Right now..."Take her to the music store"-FATA
Favorite Movies|| Nightmare before Christmas,White Oleander
Who Is Your Idol|| Davey Hovak and Jade
Are you sXe(straight edge)|| No
Greatest Invention Ever Made|| mp3 players

What do you think of the mods|| I think they're freaking hardcore hot
Why should we accept you||I love hardcore music and this community is hothothot
How did you find this community|| Through Erik's livejournal.
Promote us in 1 community with the URL link|| I will later,promise <3

Pictures (at least 3)||

Sorry about the links...
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