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Fact About You||I am wicked opinionated. Overly...opinionated.
How Often Do You Go To Shows||When I want. Which is when I hear about a show I want to, and am able to go to.
What Bands Have You Seen||I really cant name them all, because of forgetfulness. You cant expect anyone who actaully goes to shows and sees bands to name them all but : all is forgotten, red on the day, cities, every time i die, bleeding through, as i lay dying, bury your dead etc times 4035904545555.

Favorite Bands||As I lay Dying, Black Dahlia Murder, Between the Buried and Me
Favorite Song||Collision
Favorite Movies||Garden State
Who Is Your Idol||no one really, I like Brody Dalle.
Are you sXe(straight edge)||If you really want to get into the details of what edge really is, i bet half the people who say they are, arent. So no, I am not sXe. I dont do drugs though, sorry.
Greatest Invention Ever Made||Cars, definetly. *vans, with alot of space.

What do you think of the mods||I dont know them. They look concerned.
Why should we accept you||Why not, who is it hurting?
How did you find this community||Search
Promote us in 1 community with the URL link||

Pictures (at least 3)||

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